Which is the Most Expensive Domain in Dubai?

Every month 25 million people across the world search for ‘dubai’ and words related to Dubai.

Now, imagine if you could get in front of all these people.

You would be able to double or tiple your business, almost overnight.

But to do that you need a domain like (dubai.com) which costs $100 million and is not even available for sale.

However, (www.dubai.digital) is available for $3 million.

The site talks about Generative AI and Metaverse.

Topics that are interesting to digital nomads.

We created the site to attract Digital Nomads to Dubai.

Did you know there are 35 million digital nomads around the world?

Or that the average digital nomad makes $119,423 a year?

Which means you are entering a billion dollar industry with dubai.digital

Go to your browser and type – dubai.digital – to see what happens.

Now, you would have seen the power of words.

But even better, after you purchase dubai.digital you would be able to build an entire business around the brand.

Have it put on your office building.

Your home.

Your yacht.

Your car.

Your helicopter.

Even on your visiting card.

According to a 2022 report by New World Wealth and Henley & Partners, there are 67,900 millionaires living in Dubai.

But when you acquire dubai.digital, you would be the only millionaire in town to own dubai.digital

In fact, YOU would be the ONLY person in the World to possess dubai.digital.

For a detailed discussion, call 050 6986164 or email me on kishore@seosouq.com today.


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