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The Guessing Game is Over. Taylor Swift reveals ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ vault song names.

The Guessing Game is Over. Taylor Swift reveals ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ vault song names.

Taylor Swift’s devoted fans were in for an exciting surprise on Wednesday morning when they seemed to overwhelm Google’s search function while assisting the pop sensation in orchestrating a virtual Easter egg hunt to unveil the tracklist of her upcoming release, “1989 (Taylor’s Version).”

The intriguing journey commenced when Google disclosed, on Tuesday, its plan to introduce a set of 89 puzzles within its search function, enticing fans to solve them and ultimately unveil the titles of Swift’s new songs.

In Google’s own words, “You’ll be helping Swifties around the world get out of the woods (or unlock the vault) as everyone collectively solves 33 million puzzles. And that’s how it works, that’s how you get the vault track titles!”

Taylor Swift had initially unveiled her intention to re-record “1989” a month earlier during a performance in Los Angeles. This re-recording, known as “Taylor’s Version,” promises to include previously unreleased songs as a special treat for her loyal fanbase. These hidden gems, referred to as vault songs, have been a recurring feature in her three re-released albums, intended as a delightful bonus for fans who stream or purchase her music.

Swift had previously revealed the vault tracks for “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version)” by presenting a video of jumbled letters, creating an air of anticipation among her international fanbase.

The mysterious journey embarked with the appearance of a small blue vault icon in search results when “Taylor Swift” was queried. This unexpected discovery sparked excitement and curiosity, as Swifties worldwide eagerly awaited the vault’s revelation.

As fans embarked on this digital adventure, the vault initially revealed a scrambled version of Swift’s forthcoming album name. As they progressed and entered their answers into the search bar, more puzzles were unveiled.

However, numerous fans, including this reporter from NBC News, began to suspect that a glitch had occurred as they searched for answers, yet experienced no subsequent progress in the puzzle-solving endeavor.


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