SAW X – Get Ready to be Terrified

Saw X, the latest installment in the long-running Saw franchise, takes audiences on a thrilling and emotional journey.

Directed by Kevin Greutert and starring Tobin Bell as the iconic John Kramer, this horror-mystery-thriller offers a fresh take on the series, exploring the untold chapter of Jigsaw’s most personal game1.The film is set between the events of Saw I and Saw II, with a sick and desperate John traveling to Mexico for a risky and experimental medical procedure in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer.

However, he soon discovers that the entire operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable. Armed with a newfound purpose, John returns to his work, turning the tables on the con artists in his signature visceral way through a series of ingenious and terrifying traps1.

The Good

  • Tobin Bell’s Performance: Bell delivers a standout performance as John Kramer, bringing depth and nuance to the character. The first act of the film allows Bell to explore the drama of coming to terms with an early demise, adding a layer of emotional complexity to the story2.
  • Ingenious TrapsSaw X does not disappoint when it comes to its signature traps. The film offers a mix of inventive and gruesome set pieces that will satisfy fans of the franchise5.
  • A Return to Basics: Unlike some of the more convoluted entries in the series, Saw X focuses on the core elements that made the original film a success. The story is more grounded, with a stronger emphasis on character development and the exploration of Jigsaw’s philosophy2.

The Not-So-Good

  • Misplaced Grounded Setup: While the film attempts to deliver a more grounded setup, some critics feel that this approach feels out of place in a Saw movie. The balance between the gritty realism and the over-the-top violence may not work for everyone3.
  • Some Incoherent Plotting: Despite its efforts to streamline the story, Saw X still has moments of incoherent plotting. However, these issues are less pronounced compared to some of the previous entries in the franchise2.

Saw X has received positive reviews from both critics and audiences, with an 85% approval rating from critics and a 91% approval rating from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes6. The film’s emotional depth and focus on the core elements of the franchise have been praised, making it one of the most well-reviewed Saw movies to date6. If you’re a fan of the series, Saw X is a must-see for its thrilling traps and Tobin Bell’s captivating performance.

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