Prutha Pawar Kaul Crowned Mrs India Middle East 2023, Showcasing Elegance and Empowerment

Dubai, June 19: Prutha Pawar from Dubai was crowned Mrs India Middle East 2023 during the highly anticipated grand finale held at Trendz Exhibition Centre on June 18. With a background as a former cabin crew, Prutha captivated the audience and secured the prestigious title. Pooja Jain claimed the first runner-up position, while Sunbul Zahra Khan was honored as the second runner-up, further adding to the excitement of the competition.

Mrs India Middle East unfolded over three spectacular days, each filled with unique events and experiences. Day one commenced with a captivating photo shoot on a luxurious yacht, where the contestants showcased their elegance and beauty amidst the stunning backdrop of Dubai’s Marina. Day two featured an intensive grooming and talent round, allowing the contestants to display their individual skills and talents. The grand finale on day three was a dazzling showcase of grace and empowerment, where Prutha Pawar’s exceptional qualities shone through, ultimately leading her to claim the prestigious crown.

The success of Mrs India Middle East 2023 would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of the organizing committee. The event was skillfully organized by Finmaag Investment Consultants, Ninety Six Solutions, and Media Waves, who meticulously planned and executed each stage of the competition. Thasveer M Salim served as the show director, ensuring a seamless flow of events, while Adhul Kattungal contributed his strategic expertise in event planning. Suresh Joseph Skaria, as the creative head, brought innovation and flair to the event.

A distinguished panel of judges, renowned in their respective fields, lent their expertise to the grand finale. The esteemed jury members included Hanif Shaikh (Chairman of Emirates Holding), Soumi Chowdhary (Mrs India Worldwide), Manoj Hingorani (Mr UAE International), Neha Silva (Mrs UAE International), Dr. Moon Mukherjee (CEO of Demi Lune Events), and Shikha Agarwal (Fashion Influencer). The Talent Round was skillfully evaluated by Dania Hussain and Hemant Jain, ensuring fairness and impartiality in the competition.

Prutha Pawar’s journey to the crown was further embellished by her outstanding accomplishments in various subcategories. She earned the titles of Best Talent and Beautiful Skin, showcasing her multifaceted abilities and radiant personality. Lily Devi was recognized as Body Beautiful, highlighting her stunning physique. Vinita Baldawa won the Beautiful Smile award, captivating the audience with her infectious charm. Maria Abraham mesmerized the crowd with her top model walk, earning her the title of Top Model Walk. Pooja Jain’s photogenic allure secured her the Photogenic award. Apoorva Mishra’s lustrous locks garnered her the Beautiful Hair title, while Lipika Bhattaru’s unique style was admired, and she was honored as the Style Icon.

Throughout the event, the contestants received exceptional support and guidance from renowned personalities. Imran Khan, a fitness expert, delivered a dynamic fitness session, ensuring that the contestants were in peak physical form. Hemant Jain, an acclaimed mindset coach, provided valuable guidance and motivation to the participants. Soumi Chowdhary, an esteemed mentor, groomed the contestants, nurturing their confidence and poise. The event was impeccably hosted by Sanjivani Sharma, whose vibrant presence kept the audience engaged and entertained.

The evening was further elevated by glamorous fashion shows presented by Model Madness boutique, designed by Jeet Thakkur, and captivating cocktail collections by Priya Fashions, designed by Priya Fernandes. The choreography for the shows was masterfully handled by Ajay Ashok and Athul Suresh, who showcased their talent in international fashion shows. Snehlata Arora served as the official Hair & Make-up partner, adding the perfect touch of glamour to the event.

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