Top LinkedIn Influencers from Dubai and What You can Learn from Them

In the realm of professional networking and personal branding, LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful platform that connects individuals across industries and geographical boundaries. Dubai, a global hub for business, innovation, and luxury, is home to a vibrant community of professionals who have leveraged LinkedIn to become influential thought leaders in their respective fields. These LinkedIn influencers from Dubai have not only amassed substantial followings but have also cultivated valuable insights and strategies that users can learn from to enhance their own online presence and career trajectories.

The Rise of LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn, often referred to as the “professional Facebook,” has evolved from a mere job-seeking platform to a dynamic space where professionals showcase their expertise, share industry insights, and establish thought leadership. The concept of LinkedIn influencers is closely tied to this evolution. These individuals have managed to captivate and engage audiences by consistently delivering high-quality content that resonates with the interests and aspirations of professionals worldwide.

Dubai, with its diverse economy and multicultural environment, has given rise to a plethora of LinkedIn influencers who offer unique perspectives across various industries such as technology, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. Let’s delve into some of the top LinkedIn influencers from Dubai and explore the lessons that users can glean from their success stories.

1. Huda Kattan – Beauty Mogul Turned Influencer

Huda Kattan, originally known for her successful makeup brand Huda Beauty, has transcended her business success to become a LinkedIn influencer. Her posts often revolve around entrepreneurship, branding, and women empowerment. Users can learn from her how to effectively bridge personal and professional experiences, as well as how to leverage a successful business venture to build thought leadership in unexpected domains.

2. Jamal AlMawed – Tech Innovator Driving Change

Jamal AlMawed, a prominent figure in Dubai’s technology scene, is an influencer known for his insights into artificial intelligence, blockchain, and innovation. His posts provide a deep dive into emerging technologies and their impact on businesses and society. Users looking to establish themselves as industry experts can take away the importance of staying updated on trends and communicating complex topics in an accessible manner.

3. Nadine Mezher – Architect of Success

Nadine Mezher, a renowned architect and urban planner, has carved a niche for herself on LinkedIn by sharing her experiences in the male-dominated field of architecture. Her posts offer a blend of design inspiration, professional advice, and gender equality discussions. Aspiring architects and professionals in any field can learn from her about the power of authenticity and using personal experiences to connect with a wider audience.

4. Ali Khawaja – Financial Wisdom Unleashed

Ali Khawaja, a finance expert and CEO, utilizes LinkedIn to demystify complex financial concepts and offer practical advice on personal finance, investments, and wealth management. His ability to simplify intricate financial matters serves as a valuable lesson for individuals looking to establish themselves as educators in their areas of expertise.

5. Rasha Goel – Diversity and Inclusion Champion

Rasha Goel, a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, uses her platform to address societal challenges and promote a more inclusive workplace culture. Her posts touch on topics such as unconscious bias, gender equality, and cultural awareness. As the importance of diversity gains traction globally, professionals can learn from Rasha how to drive meaningful conversations that contribute to positive change.

6. Omar Christidis – Startup Enthusiast

Omar Christidis, the founder of ArabNet, a platform for digital professionals in the Arab world, shares insights on entrepreneurship, startups, and the Middle East’s tech ecosystem. His journey from startup founder to influential voice demonstrates the value of sharing personal experiences, industry knowledge, and fostering community engagement.

7. Nina Curley – Content Queen

Nina Curley, a content strategist and creative thinker, uses LinkedIn to showcase the power of storytelling and branding. Her posts offer tips on crafting compelling narratives and leveraging content to build a strong online presence. Individuals aiming to enhance their personal brand can learn from Nina’s approach to creating authentic and engaging content.

8. Ahmed Al Kiremli – Networking Virtuoso

Ahmed Al Kiremli, a networking enthusiast and founder of the “Ask BQ” podcast, utilizes LinkedIn to connect professionals and share networking strategies. His content revolves around relationship-building, personal development, and the art of meaningful conversations. As networking remains a cornerstone of career advancement, users can gain insights from Ahmed’s methods of forging valuable connections.

Learning from Dubai’s LinkedIn Influencers

While each influencer mentioned above hails from diverse industries, they all share common strategies and characteristics that have contributed to their LinkedIn success. Here are some overarching lessons that users can learn from these Dubai-based LinkedIn influencers:

1. Authenticity Matters

LinkedIn influencers from Dubai prioritize authenticity by sharing their genuine experiences, challenges, and victories. This sincerity resonates with audiences and fosters deeper connections.

2. Value-Driven Content

Consistently delivering valuable content is key to capturing and maintaining audience engagement. These influencers focus on providing insights, advice, and actionable tips that address their followers’ needs.

3. Consistency and Regularity

Posting consistently helps influencers stay top-of-mind for their followers. Regular updates keep the audience engaged and build a sense of anticipation for their next piece of content.

4. Engagement and Interaction

Active engagement with followers through comments, likes, and thoughtful responses builds a sense of community. These influencers take time to engage with their audience, leading to deeper connections and more meaningful conversations.

5. Leverage Personal and Professional Experiences

Sharing personal anecdotes and professional journeys humanizes influencers, making their content relatable and inspiring. This strategy helps them stand out and establishes a stronger connection with the audience.

6. Thought Leadership in Action

Dubai’s LinkedIn influencers demonstrate their thought leadership by discussing emerging trends, sharing industry insights, and addressing relevant challenges. Establishing oneself as an industry expert requires a commitment to staying informed and offering unique perspectives.

7. Diversity of Content

LinkedIn influencers explore various formats, such as articles, videos, and infographics, to cater to diverse learning styles. This approach maximizes engagement and reaches a broader audience.

8. Community Building

Influencers actively participate in building and nurturing their online communities. This involves collaborating with other professionals, promoting discussions, and hosting virtual events or webinars.

9. Strategic Networking

Networking is a vital component of LinkedIn’s power. Influencers often connect with other thought leaders, professionals, and followers, expanding their reach and fostering collaboration.

10. Adaptation to Change

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and successful influencers are quick to adapt to new features and trends on LinkedIn. Staying current is essential to maintaining a relevant and engaging presence.


The rise of LinkedIn influencers from Dubai showcases the dynamic potential of the platform in fostering professional growth, thought leadership, and meaningful connections. These influencers offer a wealth of lessons for users seeking to enhance their online presence and career trajectories. By focusing on authenticity, value-driven content, consistency, engagement, and the strategic use of personal and professional experiences, individuals can learn from these influencers and embark on their journey toward becoming influential voices

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals to connect, share ideas, and find jobs. It is also a great place to find influencers who can help you grow your career. Dubai is a city with a thriving business community, and there are many talented LinkedIn influencers based there.

Here are some of the top LinkedIn influencers from Dubai:

  • Jordan Nelson is a sales expert and the founder of Dubai20sChatGPT. He has over 85,000 followers on LinkedIn and his content is focused on helping sales professionals close more deals.
  • Jeri Williams FCA is a financial advisor and the founder of CityLinkedInVideo. She has over 68,000 followers on LinkedIn and her content is focused on helping businesses grow their revenue.
  • Justin McGuire is a marketing consultant and the founder of DubaiCoachAds. He has over 75,000 followers on LinkedIn and his content is focused on helping businesses get more leads and sales from their marketing.
  • Shahad Ihsan is a career coach and the founder of HiringDubaiFollowers. She has over 78,000 followers on LinkedIn and her content is focused on helping professionals find jobs and build their careers.

These are just a few of the many talented LinkedIn influencers from Dubai. If you are looking to grow your career, I encourage you to follow these influencers and learn from their insights.

What users can learn from top LinkedIn influencers from Dubai

The top LinkedIn influencers from Dubai can teach users a lot about how to grow their careers. Here are a few of the key lessons that users can learn from these influencers:

  • Be authentic and genuine. Top LinkedIn influencers are authentic and genuine in their content. They share their personal stories and experiences, and they are not afraid to be vulnerable. This makes them relatable to their audience and helps them build trust.
  • Be helpful and informative. Top LinkedIn influencers share valuable content that is helpful and informative to their audience. They provide insights, tips, and advice that can help their audience grow their careers.
  • Be consistent and persistent. Top LinkedIn influencers are consistent in their publishing and they are persistent in their efforts to grow their audience. They know that it takes time and effort to build a successful LinkedIn profile, but they are committed to the process.
  • Be active and engaged. Top LinkedIn influencers are active and engaged on the platform. They respond to comments and questions, and they participate in discussions. This shows that they are interested in their audience and that they value their feedback.

If you want to grow your career on LinkedIn, I encourage you to follow the lead of the top LinkedIn influencers from Dubai. Be authentic, helpful, consistent, persistent, and active. If you do these things, you will be well on your way to building a successful LinkedIn profile.

In addition to the four lessons listed above, there are a few other things that users can learn from top LinkedIn influencers from Dubai. Here are a few more tips:

  • Use visuals. Top LinkedIn influencers use visuals to make their content more engaging and shareable. This could include images, videos, infographics, or presentations.
  • Tell stories. People are more likely to remember and share content that is told in the form of a story. Top LinkedIn influencers use stories to connect with their audience and make their content more memorable.
  • Use humor. Humor can be a great way to engage your audience and make your content more enjoyable to read. However, it is important to use humor in a way that is appropriate for your audience and that does not come across as unprofessional.
  • Be yourself. The most important thing is to be yourself and to share content that you are passionate about. If you are authentic and genuine, your audience will be more likely to connect with you and to follow your journey.

I hope this article has given you some insights into the top LinkedIn influencers from Dubai and what users can learn from them. If you want to grow your career on LinkedIn, I encourage you to follow the advice of these influencers and to put in the hard work. With time and effort, you can build a successful LinkedIn profile that will help you achieve your career goals.


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