How to Attract 35 Million Digital Nomads and Dominate the Real Estate Industry in Dubai

Did you know there are 35 million digital nomads around the world? Or that the average digital nomad makes $119,423 a year?

Even more interesting is that if you are in the Real Estate Industry and able to attract 1% of this high-income group to your properties in Dubai, you could make billions. But how do you do that?

You might have tried advertising on FB, Instagram, and Google in the past but got no results. Maybe you got leads that did not convert into sales and wasted the time of your sales team.

Here is a growth hack that can give you massive results and it is centered around

This is a blog that talks about Generative AI, Metaverse, Digital trends, and other topics that are interesting to Digital Nomads.

We do not talk about real estate on purpose, but we will be showcasing exciting properties that are ideal for Digital Nomads.

If you have properties that are good enough for Digital Nomads, you can reach out to us on 050 6986164 to showcase your videos on ( and to our group of professionals on FB which has 86,000 members.

We have a team of video experts who will shoot an interview with your CEO, mix and edit it with footage of your properties and compile a professional video to make your properties interesting for Digital Nomads.

The cost for the entire exercise is $7000, which includes video creation, showcasing the video on ( for one month, posting about your offers in our FB group with 86,000 professionals, emailing to our database of 65,000 professionals and sharing your offers on LinkedIn profile with 30,000 followers.

As you know, Digital nomads contribute a global economic value of $787 billion per year, and if the global digital nomad movement was a country, it would rank 41st in the world in terms of population.

By creating a customized video to attract Digital Nomads and posting them on Dubai.Digital, you are tapping into a $787 billion industry that can help you get ahead of your competition in a strategic manner.

To know more email us on or call us on 050 6986164 by using the button below:


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