Saturday, October 24

OPPLE Lighting establish Go Global Ecosystem in collaboration Huawei

On the recently ended Huawei’s Developer Conference 2020, Huawei and its 12 partners, including OPPLE Lighting, announced about the launching of HMS Go Global Ecosystem Alliance which is expecting to Chinese developers focusing the international business with a “go global service engine” to mark three major issues of “product localization”, “local compliance” and “local marketing”.

Grasping its light expertise, OPPLE Lighting will associate with Huawei to develop the go global ecosystem and associated ecosystem products, to ensure that the Chinese applications easily access the global market.

Presently, OPPLE Lighting is already upgrading all results of Huawei’s HiLink ecosystem to designing any house scenario and analyze overall smart light and bright living functions.

OPPLE Lighting’s full-range flash merchandise portfolio, including small lights and flashlights, strips, cover lamps, and beautiful luminaires, as well as the intelligent summary panel that allows customers to contrive the information of devices, is fully combined with the Bluetooth MESH order based on Huawei’s HiLink program. Moreover, the device access techniques and facilitated communication among smart locks, smart lights, smart sunshades, and smart sensors were built by different organizations.

In the summary of Smart Living Open Experience Zone at Huawei’s Developer Conference 2020, OPPLE Lighting, Multi IR, Kaadas, and Dooya Tubular Motor jointly confirmed the Bluetooth MESH protocol- based smart home system.

OPPLE Lighting has been selected by several overseas plans as the provider of expert light answers, including the Al Kifaf Multi-Use Building Project in UAE, office and hospital plans in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, the Mandalay street lamp project, and JLR dealer and local telecom engineer Mobily in Saudi Arab.

OPPLE Lighting will collaborate with the parts of the community and grip the global knowledge and able to the expertise of each member to push towards “go global” stories for Chinese developers.

As the OPPLE lighting is the only significant hardware partner of Huawei among all 12 the alliance members, OPPLE lighting’s contribution will be important to the group.


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