Saturday, October 24

Huawei and Arab Open University partner to provide ICT training courses to students.

Huawei, being a leading international provider of data and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices, has clubbed with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Arab Open University to pass training and certification programs to the university’s students via Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy program (HAINA).

At the signing of the MoU was Zhaoliang (Liam), President of Huawei Gulf North Region and Mr Rico Lin, Huawei Kuwait CEO, and on from the precinct of Arab Open University, Prof. Mohammad Al-Zakari, President of Arab Open University, and Dr Yousef Al Ebraheem, advisor of Economic Affairs to HH the Amir of the State of Kuwait, AOU Board of Trustees Member.

By virtue of this collaboration, Arab Open University and Huawei will collectively engage to give students Huawei ICT Academy training and certification programs through the HAINA initiative that helps with the local students’ demands and further help to build the ICT capacity and expertise in Kuwait by bringing up the skills of local talent. Additionally, Huawei will redirect the Huawei Certification Academy Instructor (HCAI) training for the university’s professional tutors for each course direction.

The University will present with classroom and other teaching facilities which will help to contain Huawei ICT equipment for the program, and will also tag in the HAINA certification courses in its curriculum, liaise with local networking industry to deliver the training programs across a wider outreach of population in the ICT industry within Kuwait. Both parties will look into the HAINA programme and offer recommendations for step wise and consistent improvement, explored possibilities for alliances and seek to address the ICT skills requirements within the Qatar ICT landscape.

Zhaoliang (Liam), President of Huawei Gulf North Region, quoted: “Huawei is bound to building local talents, the future leaders of Kuwait, which will help to increase the country’s ICT ecosystem, in turn providing towards the country’s ambitions to build its digital marketplace and drive national digitization. The Huawei ICT Academy is a thriving format that is extended around the world, producing world-class instruction in the most relevant ICT fields. We are very delighted to work with the Arab Open University to offer our training programs in Kuwait.”

Prof. Mohammad Al-Zakari, President of Arab Open University, said: “The Arab Open University was established on the belief that every talent being in the Arab world has the right and ability to give to the national development in their country. The ICT sector is now more prominent than ever before to promote the smart development of countries and commit to the growth of their economies. Working with Huawei to provide necessary training in this field will empower our learners to learn critical skills that will enable them to provide towards digitization forces completely the region.”

This will also accompany them to explore other opportunities for communities between the two institutions to address the ICT skills demands within Kuwait and further have a positive impact in claying the future of Kuwait Leaders.

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