Saturday, October 24

Globalpharma launches hand sanitizer and face mask in September 2020; in a nutshell

Due to COVID-19, the entire humankind is behind bars. In that critical situation, social distancing, wearing the face mask, and using sanitizer is the only way to combat with the coronavirus.

Globalpharma, a fully-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, has announced officially the launch of its first UAE made hand rub sanitizer and medical disposable face masks under the brand “GP+”. The GP+ hand sanitizers will be available across pharmacies in the UAE by the end of September 2020 and the mass-manufactured medical disposable face masks in the following weeks.

This comes after the most modern Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) leadership & assistance to local businesses, granting expedited approval and facilitating the availability of raw materials with the greatest standards.

The GP+ sanitizer is approved by the Dubai Municipality and made following the latest guidelines as described by the World Health Organization (WHO). The formulation offers fast action and protects against many hidden germs and infections and microorganisms.

The facemasks are made up of high-quality melt-blown filter offering the highest filtration rate and performed under UV sterilization at the Globalpharma premises that are offering the Good Manufacturing Practices.

“There has been a significant acceleration in the demand for hand sanitizers owing to the prevalence of infections propelling the need for sanitizers. As a reliable pharmaceutical company, we are focused towards supporting market needs and the launch of GP+ is aimed at discussing the need for trustworthy and preventive hygiene solutions to meet the needs of the nation in upholding the spread of the diseases”, quoted by Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani, General Manager, Dubai Investments Industries.


With productions at Globalpharma’ s local companies in the UAE, the Group remains to assess and study the opportunities of manufacturing and providing medical supplies, directed at supporting demanding medical emergencies. “The production of the hand sanitizers and the surgical disposable face masks have passed the greatest degree of good manufacturing practices (GMP), ensuring the highest quality products. We developed formulas following and manufacturing is progressing steadily at our local facilities, scaled up to produce larger quantities. The packaging and testing of the products have been continuing over the last few weeks. The sanitizer liquid consists of 75% Isopropyl alcohol and is available in 100ml and 250ml spray bottles, having the ability to promote increased compliance with hand hygiene by making the method faster and more accessible”, said Basem Al Barahmeh, General Manager, Globalpharma Co. L.L.C.

As a leading pharmaceutical company, Globalpharma is currently holding delivery networks as well as modern trade channels to make the product easily available to meet the growing need for sanitizers across the country due to pandemic.

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