Friday, November 27

Dubai Chamber whitepaper explores the prospect of UAE’s space economy; a brief review

According to a whitepaper published by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, space manufacturing could be one of the most promising fields and the major support of business growth in the next 50 years.

The motive of the UAE was to launch the International Space Station in 2019 and the kick-off the Hope Probe to Mars earlier 2020 was a remarkable move towards placing the country as an international player in space travel and research.

The report, entitled Space Economy Investment Opportunities for the UAE, spots 10 points of the space economy that offer the greatest investment potential for the UAE, particularly space mining, space stations, space settlements, space law, sustainability in space and recycling, space tourism, space companies, and space academies that involve in making trained astronauts for industrial flights, space management, and developing spaceship components.

These important footsteps are the heralds of upcoming possibilities that could take the UAE’s space market up to the mark. Moreover, it will improve the country’s economy and stick its status as an epitome of innovation.


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