Monday, October 19

Abu Dhabi Municipality selects Huawei in digital partnership to deliver reliable and economical services to its customers; in a nutshell

Abu Dhabi Municipality has hand-picked Huawei, a principal international supplier of Information and communication technology (ICT) support and smart devices, as a companion to guide its digital conversion journey, in compliance with the UAE leadership’s vision to contour duties and skills through placing tech steering at a property and internationally driven economy. Within its cooperation with Huawei, United Arab Emirates’s capital Municipality has extended a system arrangement of stylish solutions, sustainably created to succeed in society’s digital wants nowadays and tomorrow.

Key manufacture driving Abu Dhabi Municipality’s digital conversion involve Huawei All-Flash Storage, and a Tier four information Center – the foremost secure solutions designed by Huawei for the mission-critical duties of companies. Together, these answers will produce a sound scheme to store and preserve all data, whereas up the general sense for United Arab Emirates’s capital Municipality staff and customers.

Abu Dhabi Municipality is aiming towards fulfilling smart solutions and advanced technologies that will offer to the Emirate’s Strategic Plans and facilitate the digital transformation of Abu Dhabi through collaboration and quick access to help and information. The extension of a Huawei data center to its digital ecosystem will enable United Arab Emirates’s capital Municipality to boost fertility and higher facilitate its clients, guaranteeing business flow with higher responsibleness and proficiency. Huawei’s Tier 4 information Center delivers high accessibility and high performance, with timely, centralized support and a standard type that reduces readying time by 50%.

Ahamd Abdulsamad Alhammadi – Acting Director of the technical designing department, Abu Dhabi Municipality, said: “Our digitalization journey with Huawei this so much has modified our procedures, building additional flexibility and support throughout the Municipality. we tend to are conducted in our digitalization by the spirit of the UAE’s leadership to improve our alliance through technology. With progressive solutions and wonderful client service, Huawei has proved the best companion for us, and that we are pleased to stay operating with them.” Dongyue Ouyang, an administrator of Enterprise Business Group, Huawei UAE, said: “While digital amendment brings monumental benefits in terms of cutting costs, up agility, and inspiring potency, going digital isn’t easy. there’s an entire host of components that firms have to be compelled to be ready to operate in a very additional centralized way, whether or not it’s together with all types of new technology, combining mountains of information altogether forms, or adapting end-to-end business ways and arrangements to the changes these bring.” “We are accepted to increase our long-run cooperation with United Arab Emirates’s capital Municipality. And by investing our space and data center answers and conjugation innovative business development, Abu Dhabi Municipality can proceed to safeguard its data, whereas conjointly streamlining internal processes, whereby up service expertise across all touchpoints, elevates customers practices and offers to attain the digital conversion journey targets of UAE and UAE Vision 2021” Ouyang added.

Together with its scheme partners, Huawei implements innovative technologies, goods, and solutions that facilitate governments and enterprises to build open, secure, flexible and easy-to-use digital platforms. By facultative information integration, business collaboration, and fast innovation, Huawei digital platforms pave the manner for flourishing digital conversion. By the top of 2019, quite 700 cities and 228 Fortune international firms have taken Huawei as their companion for digital transformation.

Digital conversion is stimulating, high-powered by developing technologies such as 5G, AI, and cloud computing. Huawei expected this trend can before long drive the UAE digital market into a replacement part of development. In particular, Cloud computing will see additional. By 2025, 90% of computing load and 92% of storage among information centers are worn out cloud data centers. Cloud is about to become the aspect to drive the digital economy.



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